Open Your Own Microschool Community

As a Microschool Builders Center of Excellence, we are honored to be considered a laboratory school for members of that program to come and visit.

Do you have a need for an educational service like this in your own community?  

We are also currently creating a program that is designed to provide homeschooling parents (or early-stage microschool founders who don’t want to scale up) with an innovative model and resources to create their own viable in-home holistic microschools to serve their community’s individualized needs and interests. 

What do I need to  get started?

You’ll need a vision for a child-centered model of education.  We are NOT ‘recreating’ traditional schools, but facilitating a strong foundation in reading and math while guiding our highly sensitive children to follow their own interests and passions.  Depending on your state’s education code, you may not even need a traditional teaching license.

You’ll need a community of like-minded people who are looking to make a change.  You don’t have to know where all your students will be coming from right away, but you need to have an idea of WHO their families are so you know if your community needs an educational service like this.


You’ll need a meeting place  (the current AWS Homeschool Collaborative meets in a single-family home- you’ll have to consult your local state and city codes to determine an appropriate meeting place). 


You’ll need a business mindset.  It’s no good creating an alternative learning environment if it’s not sustainable.  We’re committing to changing education for the long haul.  We recommend downloading and reading “The Microschool Builders Handbook” for a guide to making your vision come to life.  


(If you join the AWS Microschool Laboratory program, your enrollment in the Microschool Builders Workshop, a 9 week live online coaching program that maps out the launch of your microschool from start to finish, is included in your Laboratory Membership fee).

Become an AWS Microschool Laboratory Participant!


  • School Day Structure
      • -Initial Training (3 days) at AWS Homeschool Collaborative: Stillwater.  Lodging provided if needed.
      • -Pre-launch Training and Site Visits (up to 4/year) at your location
      • -Child-Centric Model Template
      • -Daily Rhythm; Schedules & Calendars
      • -Curriculum & Pedagogy resource recommendations
      • -Weekly Student Accountability System
      • -Furniture/Classroom Materials lists
  • Business Support
      • -Enrollment in the Microschool Builders Workshop (9 week live coaching program focusing on business practices, budget and business plan)
      • -Pre-screened for membership in the Microschool Builders StartUp for weekly ongoing support- Marketing, Finance, HR, Legal, Business
      • -Operations templates (handbook, student contracts, educator-guide contracts, liability waivers, forms, sales models)
  • Social Media Plan and Support
      • -Access to social media post library
      • -SLACK private channel for communication with Amy Marotz
      • -School Brand Identity pack coaching (logo, fonts, colors, etc.)
      • -Daily FB and Instagram posts by AWS
      • -Website template and hosting on
  • Membership in the AWS Community
        • -Monthly AWS community support call (60 min) and designated SLACK workspace for school owners to collaborate
        • -Quarterly Professional Development opportunities
        • -Access to group pricing for curriculum & supplies
        • -Access to Roadschool plans & curriculum
        • -Access to Sister School events, referrals and meet-ups with students
      • -Access to fundraising in conjunction with “Friends of Awakening Spirit School 501(3)c” nonprofit

book your aws MICROSCHOOL LABORATORY tour & consult today!