Amy Marotz, M.Ed

Director, Lead Educator-Guide,

Holistic Education Expert


With 15+ years teaching experience, Miss Amy prides herself on truly hearing, seeing and valuing every individual student. She believes that the most important product of any educational system should be a happy, healthy child, balanced in mind, body and spirit. She strives to fill students with abiding love, compassion and grace for themselves, their families, and their communities at large.

As a trained studio artist, she endeavors to bring fine art into the classroom at every opportunity.  Her other passions are travel, which she channels into the school’s Roadschool trips, and animals- which are an important part of every student’s daily experience at AWS.

Amy is the parent of two HSC (ages 11 & 14).

Aaron Bayer

One Room Schoolhouse Educator-Guide,

Leadership/Entrepreneur Expert


Twenty-one years serving in the US Air Force has given Mr. Aaron unique knowledge in entrepreneurship and leadership.  He served as a Unit Training Manager as well as a Base Education Training officer, directly responsible for mentoring and guiding all new recruits through basic and initial skills training.

Aaron and his wife also own and operate three businesses based on residual income concept. They utilize systems to leverage their businesses to create time freedom to spend more time with their two highly sensitive children (ages 10 & 13), and to pursue their passions of travel and adventure.

Aaron is an extremely animated and passionate teacher. His background in elementary education combines with his authentic positivity to ignite a love of learning in every kid he comes in contact with, making him an amazing mentor and guide for our students.

Kevin Beyer

Mixed-Age Kindergarten Educator-Guide


Mr. Kevin is a gentle and nurturing teacher who teaches through music, art, play, and laughter. 

He brings the perspective of a homeschooled and self-educated adult to our team.  His experience working with youth began in Christian summer camps. He also was lead educator and caregiver for an in-home daycare when his oldest children were young.

Kevin is also a professional photographer, artist and talented musician who shares his gifts and mentorship with the older students during their Passion Project time.

Kevin is the parent of three HSC (ages 4, 12, & 14)


Mimi Petroske

Assistant Kindergarten Educator-Guide


Miss Mimi’s bio is coming soon!

Danielle Nitz

Arts Educator-Guide


Miss Danielle’s bio is coming soon!

Kelli Bryce-Shaw

Assistant Guide


Miss Kelli’s bio is coming soon!

Rachel Petroske

Assistant Guide


Miss Rachel’s bio is coming soon!

Thor Riley



Being raised in rural Wisconsin gave Mr. Thor the opportunity to learn agricultural practices from local farmers. He spent every free moment of his youth exploring the abundance of lakes, rivers, fields and forests around him. As an avid outdoorsman, his passion is to teach the next generation to appreciate, respect and enjoy nature and its splendors. He wants every child to realize the importance that people have in relation to their environment on a global scale.  He has a powerful vision for the environment and giving back to the community.

As a skilled businessman, craftsman, and parent of a highly sensitive child (age 5), he has a wide variety of skills that lend themselves to both operating a school, as well as mentoring and inspiring students’ Passion Projects ( asphalt paving, masonry, woodworking, carpentry, landscaping, tile, cooking, gardening, sales, and restaurant/inventory management).