Mixed-Age Kindergarten (ages 3.5-6)

Mixed-Age Kindergarten (ages 3.5-6) Gifted children often develop asynchronously (academic and social skills), and our Kindergarten Guide observes each child closely to be able to individualize their education.   The Kindergarten class spend their days building, pretending, playing, climbing, drawing, painting, singing and laughing in our Waldorf-Inspired classroom.  Elements like aromatherapy (essential oils), a heated floor, natural wood, fibers, plants, […]

ORS Crew (grades 1-8)

d One Room School Crew (1st- 8th grade)   Our program is completely individualized for each child.  One room school students are found working on their math and reading lessons, taking notes during a Main Lesson (and making their own textbooks), exploring electives, or following their own passion for knowledge during Passion Project time.  They spend at least two hours […]

Independent Studies (ages 14-18)

Independent Studies (ages 14-18)   Our independent study program is an offering that is specifically targeted towards supporting a small group of gifted independent students who have graduated our One-Room Schoolhouse program, and whose parents are committed to homeschooling through high school. We know how important it is to balance individuality and community for our oldest students.     Our independent […]

A Short History of AWS (2017-present)

About Us

About AWS  AWS currently operates as a membership-based educational service.  Membership fees go directly to help support the program- Friday field trip tickets, food, curriculum, materials & supplies, and day to day operating expenses.   Our nonprofit partner, FRIENDS of AWAKENING SPIRIT SCHOOL 501(c)3 fundraises towards general support of our community, families, and staff. They also own and maintain the […]