Mixed-Age Kindergarten

Mixed-Age Kindergarten (ages 3-6) Mr. Kevin and the Kindergarten class spend their days building, pretending, playing, climbing, drawing, painting, singing and laughing in our Waldorf-Inspired classroom.  Elements like aromatheraphy (essential oils), a heated floor, natural wood, fibers, plants, and classroom animals provide a calm, nurturing, and consciously designed environment for our students.   Pre-reading and pre-math skills are taught through stories, […]

One-Room Schoolhouse

One Room Schoolhouse (grades 1-8)   Our one room schoolhouse students are found working on their individualized math and reading lessons, taking notes during a Main Lesson (and making their own textbooks), or following their own passion for knowledge during Passion Project time.  They spend at least two hours every day outside, engaged in outdoor learning and play.  At Awakening […]

Independent High School

Independent High School (grades 9-12)   Our high school program is set to start next year (2021-2022).  We know how important it is to balance individuality and community for our oldest students.  We anticipate hiring several more part time teacher/guides to serve as subject matter experts for students who wish to pursue specific areas of study.    Our high school […]

A Short History of AWS (2017-present)

About Us

A Short History of AWS In 2017, I registered “Awakening Spirit School” as a nonpublic school with the state of Minnesota. My proof-of-concept school operating budget was very low as a result of holding classes in the basement of my family home. Over the next two years, I was able to grow the student body from 3 to 7 enrolled […]