Independent High School

(grades 9-12)


Our high school program is set to start next year (2021-2022).  We know how important it is to balance individuality and community for our oldest students.  We anticipate hiring several more part time teacher/guides to serve as subject matter experts for students who wish to pursue specific areas of study. 


Our high school students pursue self-directed study with support from our teachers and guides.

High School Classroom

Because our first high school class will be starting in 2021-22, their first project will be to design, renovate and outfit their very own high school classroom.  

Working together with their teachers and parents, independent high schoolers will construct their own independent study plan based on their interests and educational goals.  Teacher-guides will help high schoolers put together digital portfolios and transcripts to demonstrate their learning.

Forest Classroom

Working outside with our Outdoor Education teacher, our high schoolers will take on some added caretaking responsibilities, including getting to propose, draft and have a hand in building new additions to the school property. 

They will also get to interact with the rest of the school as Junior Staff and will be expected to demonstrate their own outdoor education by teaching the younger children.  

At Your Own Pace

High school can be stressful because most of the time, you’re following someone else’s schedule.  At AWS, the students make the schedule.  This allows them the opportunity to study deeply and passionately.  Courses can be accelerated or extended, depending on each individual’s needs.


We encourage all of our high school students to start their own businesses.  Having access to mentors who are entrepreneurs themselves will be key to starting and maintaining successful business enterprises during their high school years.

Weekly Adventure Days

Our high school students will have the option to join the rest of the school every Friday as we explore local museums, parks, theater productions, nature centers, ski hills, and more to bring our lessons to life!