Jen B.


“It’s no secret that my son was really struggling with school prior to this year. At the age of 5 he had a number of labels slapped on him. I was told that I needed to medicate, and he would come home every day and tell me how stupid and naughty he thought he was. He hated school, all during the preschool years. Every day was an absolute struggle.
After the first month of Kindergarten at Awakening Spirit school, he came home from school and “read” me a book he wrote, and the book is all about how much he loves school now. Then he talked my ear off non stop for an hour. I couldn’t even respond because I was so close to tears.
After his first full school year, we can see how he has blossomed into a awesome learner, he is EXCITED about going to school every day and going on learning adventures weekly. We have seen his self esteem soar and I have not heard the stupid word come out of his mouth again. My husband and I have since decided to pull our older son from traditional school, and enroll him at AWS as well.
We are in full support of the Awakening Spirit School mission. What a wonderful world this will be when God’s lessons of love, compassion and grace are absorbed and re-taught by the next generation.”

Amanda R.


“I decided to pull Tay out of traditional school after 3rd grade. Why? Well, there were many reasons actually and there has not been a day that I’ve regretted it. One such reason was that Tay’s self-confidence was much lower than it should have been. She is a perfectionist, and was very discouraged and frustrated to tears (often) in the traditional school setting when she couldn’t “do something” as well or as quickly as the teacher expected the students to do. She was a struggling reader with NO interest in books. As every child, Tay has a unique way of learning and developing. Once she started attending Awakening Spirit School, she got to experience a teacher who is able to foster that. Tay LOVES school, like LOVES it! She is actually sad on Fridays cuz she won’t be in school and happy on Sundays when she gets to go back to school!!! Tay is always reading. She now brings a small pile of books home from library days, and can be found lounging on the couch with her puppy and a book. Her reading assessments have jumped to being to right at grade level. As far as socialization and real-world experiences, Tay has gone on roadschool trips to to Atlanta, Arizona, South Dakota, Colorado and New Mexico…on these adventures she has been to museums, exhibits, water parks, river rafting, camps, sand dunes, parks, aquariums and so much more that she would never get to experience without this school! Her self-confidence has sky-rocketed and she has grown tremendously as she’s been able to discover life on her own terms.”

Melissa M.


“I switched my babies to a private microschool because I know they need more support emotionally and definitely more time outside. I made excuses for years: the cost, the drive and commute back into Minneapolis. Finally- I leapt. Because the decision made absolute sense for my babies. Take my advice and get connected with a fabulous woman who is supporting and loving my children and opening their world to a whole new dimension of exploration and self-directed learning.


My kids have been through a lot this past year. This school and the love they have received has changed our lives. Amy is patient, innovative and loves my children as her own. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher!”


Kari H.


“My daughter is 9 years old. She has struggled with school, fitting in and feeling accepted her whole elementary school life. She struggles with  severe anxiety and just recently was finally diagnosis with high functioning autism.
My friend Amy, who is the founder of Awakening Spirit, talked to me about how this school could really help her feel a part of something to belong to.

She was so right! It took my daughter a month or so to get the whole routine down and what was expected of her, but she soon was fitting in, feeling comfortable and thriving!  She finally felt like she was a part of a community and had an important role every day to fill.

Amy does a great job giving everybody responsibilities and holding expectations high!  Everyone feels like they have a job that is important and their own. She gained a ton of confidence and was so proud to tell everybody she met, that she belonged to Awakening Spirit school!

She took on more responsibilities at home and became a happier healthy girl!
Her favorite thing was when they put on their Christmas play. She was Mary, I’ve never seen her so proud to play a part in her life!

Another one of her favorite things was feeding and taking care of all the animals, especially the chickens! She had a part in naming each one and   was always so excited to tell me which one she held that day!

This school gave her, her voice back! I am so thankful for all the amazing teachers here who helped her become a girl she is today!   I cannot say enough about all of that teachers at this school, they truly love every kid for the person that they are and bring out their gifts so that each child is successful and can SHINE.


Thank you guides for pouring confidence and love into my girl! We are forever thankful!.”