Daily Rhythms (ORS)

Because every family has a different schedule, we allow an entire hour for drop-off and pick-up!  Here is a sample of a day’s rhythm- 

8-9am-  drop off and morning chores

9-9:30am- Individual Math

9:30-10am- Outdoor Projects & Play

10-10:15am- Morning TeaTime & Brain Training (picture study, music study, logic, wisdom study)

10:15am-11am- Main Lesson   OR      Elective 1

11-11:20am- Individual Reading program 

11:20-11:50am- Morning Work (handwriting, creative writing, paper sloyd, lunch prep)

11:50-12:00pm-  Grammar

12-12:50pm- Lunch and Outdoor Recess

12:50-1pm- Meditation

1-2:30pm- Passion Project      AND/OR       Elective 2

(2pm)- Afternoon Snack out

2:30-2:45pm All-School Blessing (kids cleaning and resetting school for the next day)

3-3:30pm Tech time & Parents pick up


We have no attendance requirements, we just ask that parents let us know if they choose to have a mental health day, are going on vacation, or schedule appointments so we can reassign morning and afternoon chores!