What types of Families are we looking for?

Do we have to be currently homeschooling?

-No!  We will help you through the process of filing paperwork and joining our community.


Are their minimum hours required for parent volunteers?

-There’s nothing ‘required’, but all of our families have unique schedules which allow them different opportunities to be involved.  Some parents volunteer to guide classes, chaperone/drive for field trips, help with the summer program, or assist with something that’s their specialty (woodworkers, electricians, Bible Study leaders, cooking meals for family dinner night, helping clear land, gardening, or mentoring students)! 


-We do have monthly community meetings which our families are strongly encouraged (but not required) to attend so their voices and opinions can be heard!


Do we have to identify as Christian?

-We welcome all who recognize and acknowledge the importance of teaching and modeling love, compassion, and grace for our children.  We pray, meditate, talk about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God, and the Universe.  We teach from the Holy Bible as a book of Wisdom, but we also recognize and appreciate other books of Wisdom that are rooted in love.


Do you have services available to serve special-needs kids?

-We do not have any formal services available to serve kids with special-needs who would require a 1:1 guide.  However, many of our highly sensitive students would fall under the ‘special needs’ umbrella in a traditional system (diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities, anxiety, etc), and because we are such a small community, we are able to naturally serve their needs by serving them as individuals.  That being said, we are not equipped to serve children with emotional behavioral disorders or challenges which manifest in violent (physical, verbal) or angry outbursts.


Any Other Questions?

-Watch and see if your family is a potential match for our consciously-created community of homeschool families!


Yes we are!!  Let’s Schedule a visit